Lady in Red rose new plant spring 2019

Asked May 28, 2019, 7:39 PM EDT

May 28 Just planted #1 Lady in Red climbing rose in early April in Beaverton. It's growing branches and now has about 20 buds. It looks great ... but for the first time I noticed small white insects (maybe 1 to 2 mm long) on several buds.There is a sticky substance on the buds and some leaves. Being a rose novice, I cannot determine whether they are aphids, white flies, scale insects, thrips or ????. Since the rose is inside my community vegetable garden, I cannot spray with an insecticide. So today I sprayed the rose buds and leaves with Neem oil, blowing off all the insects. Of course I am concerned that tomorrow they will just return ... and return ... and return. What advice would you give me regarding the type of insect and how to eradicate them? Thanks.

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. It would help had we photos, but they sound like aphids. Can you send photos? Thanks!

This OSU publication discusses aphids and how to control them:

Hello Kristana,
I worked today (May 29) and could not out get to my garden until after work. So I have new information about my rose: 1) 90% of the white insects were gone; 2) on the underside of the leaves were dozens of tiny light brown eggs, which I physically removed with my fingers; 3) on one rosebud there were about a dozen tiny black insects, which I brushed off with my fingers; 4) I found a 3mm long green fuzzy worm crawling on a rose stem; 5) I noticed that several rose leaves had holes chewed right through them. Any ideas for me? I can't get back to my garden until Friday, at which time I'll take some photos and email them to you. - Ken -

Ken: the black insects may be ants, who adore the sugary water the aphids exude. Can’t ID worm w/o photo. Need picture of holes in leaf. I await!

Photos of rose bugs and leaves from Ken Ruse taken May 31 2019. I have 9 more photos, and will continue to post them after each of your responses. - Ken -

June 2
Hi Kristena,
Yes, the black insects are aphids. But what about the white insects? And what should be the treatment for the aphids? - Ken -

I am unable to see the white insects clearly enough to ID them. I sent aphid control article to you 4 days ago. Did you receive it?

Here is another comprehensive article on rose problems. You can probably find ‘yours’ there: Good luck!