Timeline for lawn care: fertilizing, weed control, grub control, lime

Asked May 28, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT

What is the best schedule for lawn care? When is the best time to fertilize, to apply weed control, grub control, and lime? Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf lawn maintenance

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We have a publication that outlines the timing of lawn maintenance tasks in Maryland. A grub control product should only be applied if your lawn has had a history of grubs. This is not as common as many believe. The following link to our website goes into detail about grubs and the second link is to the lawn maintenance calendar. If you have a fescue lawn follow the recommendations for cool season grass.


Thanks, Deb. I read the publications on grubs. If they are a problem in my lawn, would I see them or the adult Japanese beetles? Should I hold off on having a grub control product applied to my lawn if I have not seen evidence of the grubs?
Thanks again,
Diane Scott-Jones

You would still see the grubs in the soil. However, they are getting ready to pupate into beetles very shortly. Seeing Japanese beetle adults in your landscape doesn't necessarily mean you will have a grub problem in your lawn. The adults are very good fliers and will fly into yards to feed on their favorite host plants which there are many. And yes, if you do not see grub damage in your lawn do not have a grub control product applied to your lawn.
One more thought- in July when the adult female beetles are looking for a place to lay their eggs they will choose an irrigated lawn over one that is not irrigated. They prefer moist soil to deposit their eggs. I know we have had a lot of rain lately but if it should dry out keep this in mind.