Branches dying on weeping cherry

Asked May 28, 2019, 3:23 PM EDT

I have a wheeping cherry that is about 16 yrs old. I noticed several branches are dying. The leaves start to curl then they turn brown. I went out today and cut the dead branches off and noticed there was sap on the branches at have died. There is new growth also on the tree

Daviess County Kentucky

1 Response

The sap may have occurred as a result of an insect or a physical injury. Cold damage or a disease canker may have occurred. It is hard to tell without a closer look at the injury. Keep an eye on the tree and if another branch begins to die, cut it off and bring it to the Daviess County Cooperative Extension Service Office located at 4800A New Hartford Rd., Owensboro. When the weather turns dry, you may need to water the tree. Check the soil for moisture first.
I am not sure why the branches are dying. We cannot determine the cause of death with a plant sample that is dead. We can talk about it more if you call my office at 270-685-8480.