Pine Shoot Weevil Treatment

Asked May 28, 2019, 10:29 AM EDT

Hello. I have a 10' tall Picea Orientalis in my yard in East Lansing. It has grown beautifully for several years. Last fall, the main terminal shoot suddenly died, dropping all of it's needles. I lopped it off at the base and turned and secured the next closest shoot upward to become the terminal shoot. Since them, 3 other minor branches right near the terminal shoot have died, but the new terminal shoot seems to be OK at this point. Someone told me this could be "pine shoot weevil". If so, how do I treat this disease?

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I am providing you with links to detailed articles about how the pine weevil damage can be identified and when is best to treat most (often with weevil traps or a systemic).
Your other option is to contact a certified arborist who can come out and take a closer look and determine if the damage is from pine weevil. And the certified arborist would be able to offer suggestions about treatment. To find a certified arborist in your area, just enter your zip code in the website below.
Hope that helps!