How can I revive Tomato Plant leaf curl?

Asked May 27, 2019, 6:51 PM EDT

I have tomato plants in a raised bed with a mixture of compost and gardening soil mixture. Most are fine but two have these curled leaves. They all get watered at least once a day unless it rains then I wait.


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Hi- physiologic leaf roll usually occurs later in the season as a result of sustained hot weather, big fruit load, and heavy pruning. It is known to be somewhat variable by cultivar. Aphid feeding typically causes a downward curl. Excess soil moisture (saturated soil) will cause leaf curling in tomato. You may need to back off the watering and allow the soil to dry out. The root system should stay moist- not wet.

Please send additional photos if you notice small, twisted, and distorted leaves.

Thank you. I will look at it more closely and lay off the water!