Weed trees

Asked May 27, 2019, 5:30 PM EDT

Hi I have several weed trees around my home. Some are in my flower bed while others are on growing against my property and in my driveway. What is the best way to kill them?

Wayne County Michigan weed issues

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For some tree species, you can cut them at the base close to the soil surface for effective removal. Some species, particularly the weedy ones, are prone to producing secondary shoots or suckers after cutting. In these cases, it is most effective to combine a herbicide application with physical removal. In the "cut stump method" the tree is cut down and the stump is treated with concentrated herbicide immediately after (prior to the cut drying), focusing on the cambium layer just beneath the bark. Since you are working around desirable plants in the flowerbed, care could need to be taken to avoid contacting those plants with any herbicide.

Herbicides, such as Roundup Super Concentrate, that have glyphosate as their only active ingredient are often best in these situations where replanting may be desired and sensitive plants are in the area. Specific cut stump directions are available on this herbicide label. Herbicides with glyphosate and additional active ingredients should be avoided as they may have long-lasting or other undesirable effects.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.