Lawn Alternative-Bee Habitat

Asked May 27, 2019, 2:16 PM EDT

Hello... We are reaching out to you in effort to find a landscaping consultant who can best advise us how what to do with a 3000 sq ft plot of bare land on our property 1 mile east of Oregon Coast 101 on Siletz Hwy (hwy 229). It is flat and south facing, and therefor gets excellent sun exposure. It borders approximately 40 acres of wetland that we also own. (Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge) For 20 years, we farmed this plot in organic vegetables. It also has an underground overhead sprinkler system we installed last year. It is also fenced with a 6 foot game fence. Our first priority is for it to be POLLINATOR FRIENDLY. Second, because we have another 2 acres that we have in high maintenance landscaping, the plot we are asking about needs to be LOW MAINTENANCE. Last year we did a weed kill on it, tilled, and planted a honey bee meadow. Although it was absolutely gorgeous, and the bees loved it, it is not a sustainable solution for us. (see attached photo) We are looking for a solution that we install once (permanent) and can maintain for years to come with no more need for tilling and replanting every year. We like things to look WELL KEPT AND NEAT, as well as AESTHETICALLY BEAUTIFUL. We are now looking into a "bee lawn", as well as planting a few trees that would provide habitat for birds. This time, it is important to us that we find a professional that we can consult with, and who can best set us up for success. We are willing to invest a few thousand dollars to transform this area. We have also considered bringing in topsoil to create an undulating landscape, as opposed to flat. Any advice you can offer would be wonderful. We are hoping that you might have some reputable proven landscape consultants that can set us up for success. Because this could be very expensive, it is important to us that we find the best, successful, permanent solution that we, and the bees, pollinators, and birds can enjoy for years to come. Thank you.

Lincoln County Oregon

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What a beautiful piece of property! I appreciate your endeavor to develop this into a wildlife habitat that is functional and low maintenance. While we cannot recommend individual landscape consultants - I can provide you with a list of individuals/companies in the area who offer this type of service.

  • Aaron Duzik in Newport, Habitat Restoration Contracting (503-621-2433)
  • NW Tree & Landscape in Lincoln City (541-921-1216)
  • Central Coast Landscaping in Siletz (541-265-8230)
  • Ground FX Landscape Management in Newport (541-921-5078)
  • Bear Valley Nursery in Lincoln City (541-996-2327)
  • Blake's Coastal Nursery in Gleneden Beach (541-764-5140)
  • Shonnards Nursery in Philomath (541-929-3524)