My Tree Needs Help

Asked May 26, 2019, 5:34 PM EDT

This Leyland Cypress Tree was planted as a sapling about 20 years ago. It sits on the north side of my Catonsville home, where there is less sunlight. We have pruned some of the branches that extended out over the walkway leading to the rear of our home. About a year ago I noticed it was getting sick looking. I'm posting these photos to see if anyone maybe able to tell me what might be the problem & how to resolve it. I've never used mulch or fertilizer at the base of the tree. I really don't have the finances to have an expert come & give a diagnosis or remedy the situation. I would appreciate any suggestions as I don't want to lose the tree. I'm praying it's not too late. Thanks for your help!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Your first photo shows a pretty good looking Leyland, which naturally thin and drop foliage on their shaded areas.
You are likely seeing winter damage as well.
We are hearing of many problems and declines of Leyland Cypress, which begin to show up at the 15-20 year mark. They are not really well suited to our climate long term.
Hopefully with yours, new growth will fill in and those brown tips will fall away, at least in the short term.
Unfortunately these stressors can lead to disease issues.

Here is more information, from our Maryland Grows blog recently written by our plant pathologist:

and the diseases most prevalent: