Foliar spoon feeding

Asked May 26, 2019, 12:57 AM EDT

Just got my first ever soil sample back, low N and K yet my lawn looks amazing and have been cutting 2-3 times a week due to growth. Have been Foliar feeding Humic, Aminos, Kelp, Nitrogen, Postassium since 2018. Had also been over applying Milorganite since mid 2017, probably causing the high Phosphorus reading. Should I wait until late fall to feed the soil and just keep doing foliar since we are getting hot here in Cincinnati?
How long does it take to see foliar feeding/mulching return to soil test results?
Soil report #25HA95 Historical photos available upon request. Always mulch lawn cut at 3.75"-4.25" with Toro Timemaster unless disease is present.

Hamilton County Ohio soil testing soil and fertility issues

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Your pH is good and turf should not have micronutrient problems. It does vary between the two test though. Iron and other micronutrients are readily available from the soil and since micronutrients are used in very small quantities it is not commonly needed at this pH. Sometimes a lawn will respond to iron by greening up but your lawn looks a healthy green already. Your picture shows a healthy lawn which shows no symptoms of deficiencies.

Organic matter as it breaks down will release some nutrients and the speed of this is based on soil temperatures, and active organisms in the soil. It is hard to say how quickly it might show up in a soil test. Usually we advise testing every three years to see changes due to cultural practices.