Yellow branches Meyer lemon

Asked May 25, 2019, 10:05 PM EDT

My Meyer lemon gave us a lot of lemons the first year we planted it (outdoors in decomposed granite soil). Very hot in the summer, cool winters with some short bouts of freezing.

This is year 2 and some of the branches turned yellow, many lost their leaves, and remaining leaves are yellow and green. The branches are all splayed out. It gets drip for an hour twice a week.

I have more photos. Can only submit 3 here.


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The short bouts of freezing temperatures may have damaged the tree. While lemons can tolerate some cold weather, they may not survive freezing temperatures. The tree may recover somewhat this season, however it may not produce well. The tree may need to be moved or sheltered in a warmer environment during periods of very cold weather in order for it to survive.