Glossy Buckthorn?

Asked May 25, 2019, 8:18 AM EDT

I live in the north metro on a wooded lot and have been fighting the battle v. buckthorn for several years. I am struggling to ID what I think is Glossy Buckthorn (Frangula Alnus). I've looked on-line but still can't seem to nail it down. Attached are photos of a leaf and well as a photo of the flower (5 petal) which bloomed this week. Many thanks for your help. Channing Riggs

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Frangula Alnus Is also called alder buckthorn and glossy buckthorn. It does not have toothed leaves and flowers are in groups of 2-10 but are not spikes as in your photo. Checking the bark for unique markings will help identification. Here is a fact sheet comparing buckthorn to native trees. I think your tree is in the cherry family. A picture of a branch, whole leaf and of the bark would be helpful.

Evelyn, Many thanks for your quick reply and all the very helpful attachments. Per your request, I've take a few more photos (attached). The bark looks very similar to buckthorn (as shown in the Burnsville document)--grey and speckled. I also noted this AM that I have some trees that are really tall--30'+. Channing

I think it is choke cherry. Based on leaves, petioles, and flower I am sure it is not buckthorn. See: