Peas yellowing

Asked May 25, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT

My peas are yellowing from the bottom up. I do see little green bugs which I think are aphids. How do I control the aphids? I know ladybugs would help but where do I get those? Are there any other organic solutions? What are the not organic solutions? Could there be another problem? It's probably too late for this season but I want to know for the future. Thank you.

Calvert County Maryland

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Hi- toward the end of a typical harvest, pea vines will begin to yellow and decline. This is an annual plant so yellowing and vine death are expected. When yellowing occurs before or at the beginning of harvest it is due to plant stressors- lack of water, high heat, saturated soil, low fertility soil, low sunlight, crowding, etc.

Aphids are usually not a serious pea problem. They can be controlled through handpicking or spraying with insecticidal soap or horticltural oil. Or, wait and watch as various predators and parasitoids (natural enemies) find and control the aphid population. No need to buy ladybird beetles- several species occur naturally and will provide biological control.
Web page on aphids:
Web page on natural enemies:

We see that you are growing in an Eathbox. This is an excellent container garden but we suspect that growing peas in it could be be trickier than growing other crops.