Eating disorder

Asked May 25, 2019, 12:44 AM EDT

I have a horse that will lay down and roll approximately 5 to 10 minutes after he has started to eat. After he rolls back and forth he will lay their for a few minutes ,gets up and finishes eating. Sometimes he passes gas. He does this after each feeding. He eats a grass-alfalfa mix. Without xrays do u have any suggestions. could enteroliths cause this? Thank you.

Kern County California

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Hello, and thanks for your question. This is a veterinary issue, and you need to have your horse checked as soon as you can. As a nutritionist, I cannot make medical diagnoses, but this sounds to me like a horse who has painful gastric ulcers. Only your vet can make that diagnosis officially, but I strongly suggest an evaluation.

Enteroliths are typically formed in the large colon. It can take food a horse eats several hours (even a whole day) to reach the large colon, so it is doubtful that your horse would have this pain 5-10 minutes after eating. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't have them, but my first suspicion is ulcers. Your vet can recommend the best course of treatment. Good luck and I hope your horse feels better soon!