Spots and discolored peonies

Asked May 24, 2019, 10:50 PM EDT

Hello there, last fall I ordered three duchess de Lorraine peonies and planted them in large containers as they were in 4 inch pots and my garden space wasn’t quite ready. They are Itoh peonies. I have noticed as they have been growing there are tiny dark spots on their stems and the underside of their leaves. The top of the leaves also have some discoloring in them. I have several peonies in the ground and none of them share this and only four of my 15 peonies bloomed this year. We just bought out house in August 17 so I am trying to learn and keep up with the landscape and any help would be appreciated about what wrong with my new peonies and how to care for my established ones. Thank you

Douglas County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Are you able to take and send a photo of the problem? We need pictures of both the top and undersides of the leaves and the stems. Thank you!

Thank you for the excellent pictures. Here is the disease I believe your plants are infected with: As you can see, there are no chemical cures, and the recommendation is to remove the plants to keep this fungus from spreading to other peonies. Be sure not to compost the plant material, and monitor the remaining (healthy) plants to detect it showing up there, too. Good luck!