Corn Gluten for lawn weed control

Asked May 24, 2019, 11:44 AM EDT

Is this actually a viable alternative to lawn weed products? Even with the late spring this year I believe it's too late now as this would have to be used several weeks prior to dandelions first appearing in the yard.
Are any of the natural/organic weed control products on the market proving to be effective for larger scale lawn use?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Using Corn Gluten has its supporters and detractors. This reference contains some links to Corn Gluten studies; you can read them and make your own determination.

I have heard that it can be effective as pre-emergent, but it takes several years of application to really become effective. It does nothing for (weed) seeds that have already germinated; e.g. it does not work as a post-emergent.

It is a little late to apply pre-emergents.

Corn Gluten has about 10% Nitrogen so it makes a great organic lawn fertilizer. Its effect on weeds may be caused simply be the fact that, because of the nitrogen, the turf is thick and healthy.