Apple blossoms only on one side of the tree

Asked May 24, 2019, 9:27 AM EDT

I have an apple tree that only has blossoms on the western side of the tree. The same thing happened two or three years ago, but last year it had a huge number of apples on all sides of the tree. The tree is more than 30 years old. I don’t know the variety because it was planted by the previous owner, but it is a very early variety that tastes a lot like a Haralson. The tree has bad fire blight on it. I trimmed out some large branches several years ago that had the blight so bad that they were basically dead. But, the blight doesn’t seem any worse on the side without blossoms than on the side that does have them. I’ll attach a couple pictures.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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What you are seeing is normal for fruit trees. They have lots of blossoms one year and the next very few, it is how they save up enough reserves to bear fruit. Commercial growers treat their trees to reduce the number of blossoms every other year so the trees bear fruit every year. The other possibility is a late frost that killed the flower buds on one side of the tree.