Bed bug

Asked May 23, 2019, 10:46 PM EDT

I don't know if I'm crazy... I think I gave an early infestation going on I had the bug guys come out two different time to check my beds and couches and nothing he set volcano traps under all my beds and couches and nothibg. I was bitten by one multiple times and caught it crawling on my pillow which he confirmed was an adult bed bug. He has found no evidence of anything to confirm I have them. I have a two year old son I have not seen any bites in him and I check everynight so I found this when I picked my box spring up on top of the bed frame which the bow spring sits on. My bug guy says that the one I found was probably a hitchhiker I don't know if what I have found is evidence of it's shedded skin and or eggs or if it's nothing please any help

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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None of the objects in the tape are bed bugs and don't appear to be anything that was ever alive. Without identifiable insects, I can't say whether you have bed bugs or not.