soy/corn germination under a rolled crop

Asked May 23, 2019, 1:55 PM EDT

I'm looking for a way to go to no till on some small acreage hunting property. I'm familiar with traditional planting for corn and soy beans but am curious about a less traditional method. If I broadcast corn and or soy into standing rye/wheat and terminate the rye/wheat via rolling/crimping, will the corn and soy germinate beneath that? or does it need to be allowed to germinate before terminating the cover crop? Basically, do warmth and moisture adequately substitute for complete soil contact in the germination stage? The seeds would basically be laying on the ground, covered with terminated rye/wheat.

Presque Isle County Michigan

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Corn and soybean seed generally are not good candidates for broadcast seeding. The rolling/crimping after broadcasting the seed is a good idea and could work. A lot will depend on moisture after crimping. Corn would work better than soybeans and I would worry a little about seed predation from ground beetles and other insects, rodents, etc. If you plan to go ahead I would increase the planting rate and double crimp to increase the seed soil contact. I would be interested in your results.