Asked May 23, 2019, 11:18 AM EDT

I have 5 acres of landscaped property in Alvaton, KY. I have bagworms on my large cedars and junipers with early signs of tree damage and need help in treating them to prevent the trees from dying. They are too tall to adequately spray myself and I haven't been able to find any company willing to treat them either. I've tried to find a product that I can use to treat from the ground up but most systemic treatment products don't mention bagworm control. I noticed that most trees around Alvaton have the same issue. What can I do, I really don't want to lose those beautiful trees which are natural habitats to so many birds and critters. Can you help me please?

Warren County Kentucky

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I would be happy to help recommend a product for bagworm control. Please contact Kristin Hildabrand, Warren Co. Extension Agent for Horticulture, at the Warren County Extension Office at (270) 842-1681. Thanks!