Bird of Paradise plant

Asked May 22, 2019, 5:36 PM EDT

I have a Bird of Paradise plant it’s about a year old. It’s been fairy healthy up until now. I have no idea why the leaf looks like this. It near an east window but also receives south sun. I really would like to know why this has happened and how I can fix it!
I don’t see any fungus or bugs.


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Thank you for your question. Leaf problems are typically an indication that the plant has inadequate fertilization, that it is under- or over-watered, or that the pot in which it is planted is too small, and the roots are unable to take up water and nutrients. You don't indicate what is the status of any of these. Here is an Extension article with care instructions that may help:

Hope this provides some ideas. Good luck!

Thank you for your response. I think it’s fertilizer as I am pretty consistent with watering. I was afraid I’d burn the leaves. Do I cut this leaf off or leave it. I just repotted it about a week ago.

I'd give it a week, with adequate fertilizer (you can overdo it) to see if the leaf comes back (50/50 chance). If it turns brown, remove it.

Thanks this has been helpful