Peach tree bacteria or fungus?

Asked May 22, 2019, 4:53 PM EDT

I live in Worcester County. We have three peach trees in our yard. Two years ago, we were got lots of peaches. Last year, they all fell off the tree and appeared to have been attached by pests or fungus. This year, they appear to have some sort of fungus again. I've attached two pictures and I'm hoping you can provide some info on what the problem is and how I can address it. May be too late to save this year's but perhaps I can take preventive action for next year. Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.

Worcester County Maryland

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This is called gummosis. It's the movement of sap out of peach trunks, stems, fruits, and leaves due to some type of stress. It could be canker diseases, insect pests (like peachtree borer or plum curculio), or environmental stress. There is nothing to do about it.

If your tree is relatively healthy, and there is no sign of insect or disease problems the cause may be excess water in the root zone which can force sap out of the tree.

You may want to check fruits closely for crescent-shape scars indicating plum curculio activity. Remove and discard any scarred or infested fruits. Hand thin fruits so that there is 5-6 inches between fruits. This will increase air circulation fruit size, and reduce insect and disease problems.

Finally, peach has many potential insect pest and disease problems in Maryland. read our web pages-
and refer to the VA Tech home fruit spray schedule: