raised vegatable garden

Asked May 22, 2019, 4:29 PM EDT

i wanted to use painted pine,can i use inside
of bed

Genesee County Michigan

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I would not paint the insides of raised beds. The constant moisture will break down the paint fairly quickly. You can paint the outsides of the raised beds, which stay relatively dry.

If you want to use something inside against the wood, use a landscape fabric liner, pool liner, or other plastic. Here is a quote from Washington State Extension service

“Treated wood produced since 2003 does not contain arsenic, and the most common wood treatment is alkaline copper quaternary. The risk of food contamination from ACQ-treated wood in raised beds appears to be negligible (Cushing et al. 2007). Nonetheless, if you have concerns, you can use other materials or cover the inside walls of the raised beds with plastic.”

If the wood you want to use is already painted, line the inside with a plastic liner to keep the paint away from the soil. Be sure to leave the bottoms of the beds clear of the liner, so that the bed drains well. The complete article on raised beds is here, for reference.


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