Photos, not able to do that. Ground Cover Question.

Asked May 22, 2019, 1:31 PM EDT

I have a couple gardens of Pachysandra. One has shade in second half of day, other has sun in middle of day. Both doing well. But I found a ground hog roaming recently. Could have gotten under fence & found hole in pachysandra, 3"'s in diam. You say there is a blight affecting this ground cover, can it be prevented or is there a way to protect it in rather small gardens of 5x5 ft or 15x10 ft? WOuld groundhog be convinced to leave? Do they damage Pachysandra too? Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

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The most common problem in old pachysandra patches is volutella, a fungus that is encouraged by the buildup of fallen leaves and debris in the patch. We recommend cultural measures to manage and prevent.

Pachysandra grows best in moist well drained soils in partial to full shade. It will be stressed in sun. With more sun it may be susceptible to a sucking insect called euonymus scale.
You can send us photos so we can see what you may be dealing with.

The hole that you mentioned does not sound like a groundhog hole. Groundhog holes are about 8-12 inches. They do not usually eat pachysandra. Here is more on groundhogs

Rats can make holes about 3 inches wide and smooth from use. Also, see the link from the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Mgmt which has information on ground hole identification