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Asked May 22, 2019, 1:04 PM EDT

I am the office manager at Wexford County MSU Extension. I had a homeowner bring in a sample and unfortunately my educators are out of the office in conferences. The gentleman states that the weed/moss he is finding grows in a mat. He said he does have moss on the ground currently as the property was once pine. Could you help with an identification? He has iron sulfate however not sure if it would work for control, so any control options would also be beneficial.

Wexford County Michigan weed issues moss

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Your moss is known as Baby Tooth moss (Plagiomnium cuspidatum). The link below will give you details.


Moss occurs when growing condition’s favor the growth. These conditions include low soil fertility, dense shade from trees and shrubs, poor air circulation, too much irrigation, soil compaction and the wrong choice of turf selection for the site, if this is growing in the lawn. You could have all conditions or just having a few is enough to encourage moss to grow. If you do not address the underlying conditions that favor moss growth, they will return.

Control methods are describe in the following links:



I hope this helps you out and thank you for using AaE.