Transplanting bulbs

Asked May 22, 2019, 11:25 AM EDT

I planted 15 daffodils In Fall 2017, in location #1. Last year all 15 bloomed. This year only 3 bloomed. It is a damp area. Last fall I planted 50 in location #2. Half sun half shade. The half in full sunlight bloomed. A few scragglers in the shaded area bloomed. I would like to transplant them all to a drier sunnier location. Can I dig them all up and let the bulbs dry, then replant them in the fall? Thank you, Pat

Washtenaw County Michigan

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What you will want to do is to dig a trench and heel the bulbs in until the foliage dies down. The bulbs can be put in quite tightly together in the trench (same planting depth as they were in the landscape situation) . When the foliage dies, dig them up and let them cure in the sun for a few days to dry. Then they can be stored in peat moss in a dry dark place until you replant then in fall.