Autumn Blaze Maple

Asked May 22, 2019, 11:24 AM EDT

I have an Autumn Blaze in my backyard that is 14 years old. I live about 6 blocks east of Como Lake. I have it thinned and trimmed every 3 years by an arborist. Squirrels Like to chew off little clumps of leaves all during the summer. However, in the last few days, my lawn and patio are litterd with 2 to 4 leaf twigs or clumps from that tree. I'm thinking it can't possibly be that much just from squirrels. The tree is leafed out beautifully and looks healthy. Could this be weather related? Any thoughts? Thanks.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Squirrels love maple trees and will chew twigs and cut off leaves. They are tough to interview but it may be the sweetness. In severe cases they will denude branches.
Send me a picture and I may have more to say. There are many more articles complaining about this problem than there are suggesting how to fix it. Some experts suggest a tree collar as with birdfeeders but most trees are just a leap away from another tree.

Did you recieve the three photos I sent of the maple leaves in my yard?
Not sure that I did it correctly.

Sorry I do not have the pictures.