16 16 16 fertilizer for vegetable garden

Asked May 22, 2019, 11:20 AM EDT

Is it safe to use 16 16 16 fertilizer to fertilize my vegetable garden? If so, how do I safely apply it? I was given some without instruction and wanted to use it in my vegetable garden but I don't know if it's safe for my vegetables.

Larue County Kentucky

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16-16-16, 10-10-10, 19-19-19 are all different blends of fertilizers, but the only difference is the concentration of nutrients with these "1-1-1" ratio blends. 10-10-10 is probably the most commonly available, so 16-16-16 is 60% more actual nutrients per pound than 10-10-10. Also, for example if you had 19-19-19, it's 90% more actual nutrients per pound. As far as how much to apply, I would recommend taking a soil sample to see what nutrients are needed. We can then give you an accurate recommendation on amount of 16-16-16 needed per sq, foot. Soil samples are free for LaRue County landowners through our office and take about a week to get back. If you do not wish to apply based on soil sample results, a general application would be to apply 1 to 1.5 pounds per 100 square foot before planting and then you could side dress 1.5 ounces per 10 ft. of row during the growing season. A helpful publication from UK is Home Vegetable Gardening:
http://www2.ca.uky.edu/agcomm/pubs/id/id128/id128.pdf (pages 6,7 and 20 offer fertilization recommendations that I've referred too)