Rose of Sharon infested with white spots

Asked May 22, 2019, 10:48 AM EDT

Hello, our Rose of Sharon bushes are covered with white spots. They feel soft to the touch. I noticed them because my car was getting sticky spots right where it was parked under one of the branches. We hope you can help us identify it and suggest treatment if needed. Thanks you

Anne Arundel County Maryland

1 Response

Please send us clear photos of the white spots on the foliage so we can see what you are dealing with. It is possible that the white spots are egg masses of a soft scale insect maybe cottony camellia scale. When they feed they exude a honeydew which fosters the growth of a sooty mold.

Right now you can wrap some of the branches with a double sided sticky tape. When the crawlers hatch you can spray with a summer rate of horticultural oil on a cool day in the morning.