Drooping day lillies

Asked May 21, 2019, 9:50 PM EDT

I have a number of day lillies - Stella D’Oro and Mini Pearl Dwarf that I’ve had for 7-10 years. The Stella D’Oros continue to do well. In ‘17 & ‘18, the Mini Pearls started out looking good, but by mid-summer the foliage was flopping over and there were very few blossoms. I intended to replace them this spring, but once again, they look good, now. Do you have any idea what is causing this and is there a treatment, or should I bite the bullet and replace them now? Thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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There are a couple possible issues.
This site has a great deal of information for you. https://extension.umn.edu/flowers/daylilies
The Minipearl was hybridized by Walter Jablonski in Merrill Indiana--zone 5--is warmer than here. Although it has done well for many years at your site it is acting crowded or stressed. Daylilies require nourishment and a well composted soil. It is possible your soil is too packed or the nutrients are depleted. A soil test might be helpful.http://soiltest.cfans.umn.edu/
The kind of growing situation that you describe can lead to compacted soil or crowded roots. In that case, digging the clumps up, dividing the 'fans' and amending the soil with compost and garden soil--50/50 would probably work. It would also give you more plants to share or put in new locations in your properly.
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