All around natural fertilizer for lawn and trees.

Asked May 21, 2019, 5:26 PM EDT

I recently bought a new home last June. I would like to fertilize the grass as well as all the mature trees with something somewhat natural as well as something that doesn’t break the bank. Any suggestions? I have mature Oaks, mature Pines, and mature cedar trees and a little over a half acre of yard. This is all new to me so any advice would be helpful. Thank you

Oakland County Michigan

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The trees you describe grow well in a slightly acid soil. If they appear healthy, there is no compelling reason to fertilize these mature trees. Grass is another story. It uses a lot of nitrogen during the growing season because we let it grow, then cut it, then want it to grow again.. and on.
I would suggest that you get a soil test from MSU for your new yard. You will learn just what your soil needs to support a nice lawn. There will be recommendations for synthetic fertilizer and natural fertilizers. Natural fertilizers can be more expensive but not always.
Type in your browser Soil and GardenTest You can order a test packet there. You will receive a code which will allow you to access your results and recommendations. If you haven't heard back in over two weeks, check your spam folder or ask us to check on it.