creeping charlie

Asked May 21, 2019, 4:06 PM EDT

I have a massive outbreak of creeping Charlie on my lawn which is particularly bad under my maple tree. I have 2 kitties as well as I try to be as Earth friendly as possible. Do you have any ideas how I can get my creeping Charlie under control? I will consider all options. Thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota creeping charlie

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Hand pulling is one safe possibility. If you choose to use chemicals the following information should help you decide which to use. “Selective, postemergence control of mint family plants (e.g., creeping Charlie, henbit, heal-all) is usually more effective with products containing triclopyr, either by itself or in combination with one or more of the materials mentioned in Strategy 4. In has also been reported that control of these same mint family plants is rather poor when only 2,4-D is used.” To read this quote and more about strategy 4 see: Click on ground ivy/creeping charlie. Creeping charlie takes persistence and regular treatment to eliminate. It is rarely a one and done treatment. For an explaination of how the chemicals work see: