Best organic way to raise Phosphorus levels in soil.

Asked May 21, 2019, 11:14 AM EDT

I checked the Phosphorus levels in my soil and found a deficiency. I would like to know the best and safest way to organically correct this. Thank you Tom Venney

Alcona County Michigan

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Hello. A deficiency of phosphorous in MI soils is very unusual. There are also laws about applying it on lawns, it is very detrimental around water. What kind of an area did you test and what are you hoping to grow? The test you show I am unfamiliar with. Did you also test the pH or CEC? Or organic matter levels? It is helpful to see a complete soil test when you are thinking about adding certain elements, soil composition needs to be treated carefully. Thank you for any further info you can provide me with.

I took the sample from my greenhouse.
I added 3 to 4 inches of compost to the soil this year. I have yet to plant anything in it as I was unsure of the soil conditions after growing tomatoes plants last year that had no tomatoes till I added bone meal.
The ph test to between 7 to 7.5.

Are you growing tomatoes inside a greenhouse but not in raised beds? The pH seems fine for veggie growing. How did the soil get in the greenhouse if that is where you are growing? Have you considered adding compost?

I have raised beds in the greenhouse.
I do grow tomatoes in the raised beds in the greenhouse. I would like to grow stevia in there.
The soil is made from a mixture of local soil (sandy loom),commercial bagged soil and compost.

It might take a couple years to get your soil to where you want it to be. Add compost every year, it really is the best thing to do.