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Asked May 21, 2019, 8:26 AM EDT

Hi, We recently moved here (REDMOND) and have so many wonderful things popping up in the yard. We wondered if there is anyone that would be willing to stop by and help us ID them? The woman we bought the house from was an elderly Polish woman who I am told was a master gardener and spend alllllll her time in the gardens. We would so appreciate the help!!!!!!!!!!

Deschutes County Oregon

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Welcome to Redmond! It is always fun to discover new plants in your garden. Unfortunately, the Master Gardeners do not conduct home garden visits. One option would be to contact local landscaping companies to see if they may provide plant identification services. Another possibility is to take photos of some of your plants, then ask a local nursery staff member to assist with identification.

Following is a link to an OSU Extension publication entitled, “Water-wise Gardening in Central Oregon”. This publication has wonderful photos and descriptions of many plants that grow in our Central Oregon climate. You may be able to identify some of your plants using this resource:

The Deschutes County OSU Extension website is a great resource for gardening information:

You may find this website useful as you learn about your new garden.

If you require additional help identifying your plants, I recommend that you contact the OSU Master Gardener Plant Clinic. The Plant Clinic is located at the OSU Deschutes County Extension in Redmond. You can talk with the Master Gardener on duty at 541-548-6088. You can also submit questions with photos to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic email: While the Master Gardeners do not make site visits, they can assist you to identify plants in the Plant Clinic. This will require you to bring in plant samples and/or photos for the Master Gardener on duty to help with identification.

We always welcome your home garden questions at the OSU Plant Clinic.

Enjoy your new garden!