Scat identification

Asked May 20, 2019, 10:25 PM EDT

I'm finding scat in the same area of my yard about 2 times per week. I would like to know what animal is coming in my yard as I have a small dog and a doggy door into the house.

Marion County Oregon wildlife scat id

1 Response

Thanks for your inquiry. Our wildlife expert is currently not available, but here's an ID she previously gave for some similar scat:

"...likely from a cat.... although I can't zoom in really close to examine potential contents, the contents seem fairly uniform, like we'd expect from a kibble/can-fed animal."

She also shared this:
"It's possible that you could get raccoon scat.... raccoons tend to use centralized "latrines" near their dens." If the animal poops there on a regular basis, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a racoon that's eating a diet of pilfered pet food, especially if the poop sometimes contains other material like fruit stones, hair or bones. You might want to take steps to remove potential racoon habitat and food, and/or close your dog door at times when racoon are likely to be active. This guide offers good suggestions for dealing with problem wildlife around your home and yard that should help you evaluate the situation and plan next steps: