Gardenia leaf infection

Asked May 20, 2019, 6:10 PM EDT

I have a potted hardy gardenia that has multiple circular discolorations of many of its leaves, eventually leading to leaf brown out and fall. It showed up this Spring after being fine all Winter. Would you please diagnose this problem? Thanks!

Polk County Oregon

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Hello: sorry for the delay, please contact me at the email address below about this problem. There are several pathogens of Gardenia that might cause leaf spots so I may need to get samples of affected foliage to distinguish the cause. I grow Gardenia in pots as well and they have done quite well so I appreciate your concern!

Thanks, Neil. Should I put the damaged leaves in an envelope and mail to you?


Email me at the address below and if you provide your address I'll work out a time to come visit and see the plants in person.