Dirct or transplant

Asked May 20, 2019, 3:36 PM EDT

Hello, I have limited space on my garden. I use transplanting for everything I plant (vegetables and herbs), it is much easier to water the seeds and care for them. I then transplant only the good ones to the garden. I see instructions for some vegetables saying to plant the seed directly in the soil/garden = No transplanting. Does this mean I should not transplants? Does these vegetables get shocked or be damaged? Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi- you can grow seedlings and transplant just about any annual vegetable crop that is grown in MD gardens- including corn, beans, and lettuce.

Cucumber, squash and melon are a little more difficult to establish than say tomato. Grow the seedlings for only 2-4 weeks prior to transplanting, be gentle with the root system, and baby them along.

Crops with long taproots like carrot and beet should be transplanted before the taproot reaches the bottom of the seedling container.