Coccidiosis and hatching eggs

Asked May 20, 2019, 10:58 AM EDT

Hi If a hen have coccidiosis and i take her eggs to incubate them is it transmissible to the eggs and also the chick inside? What about Marek, newcastle, laryngo , etc? Can you tell me if i can buy a book to learn all that? Anik

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I'll start by saying that I'm not a veterinarian. I do have some knowledge about poultry health, however.

Coccidiosis is not spread inside the egg. If there is fecal contamination on the shell, it could potentially spread to the chick, though I'm not sure it could survive 21 days in an incubator.

Some of the organisms that cause coccidiosis are present in most soils where chickens have been in the past, though, so it wouldn't be unusual for chicks to get infected. Keeping the chicks in good environmental conditions will be helpful in preventing disease.

Some diseases can be passed from the hen to the chick in the eggs. Salmonella and Mycoplasmas are bacteria that can be passed this way. Some viruses can as well - Newcastle, avian encephalomalacia, and viral arthritis are a few examples of this.

As far as a book with information, there are a few available. The American Association of Avian Pathologists have a manual with lots of good information. This eXtension web site has quite a few pages with good health information, too.

Thanks alout i appreciate it!!!!

you think you can show me a picture of the book you talk about? I think it s the same that i got. But i didn t find the answers i was looking for

This is the book I have. I'm not sure if it is translated to other languages or not. There may be a newer version available, too.

An additional book is the Chicken Health Handbook: a complete guide to maximizing flock health and dealing with disease. It is by Gail Damerow and is meant for small and backyard chicken flock owners. It is in English as well. I don't know of any in other languages.

I got it