Plant disease

Asked May 19, 2019, 4:52 PM EDT

Hi, I recently planted zinnias that appeared healthy prior to planting. Shortly after being put in the flower bed, it rained for almost a week straight. The leaves now appear to have turned almost gray and do not look healthy. I have attached a photo. Please help!

New Castle County Delaware

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Good Morning! Unfortunately I really can't tell anything from this picture. But, below are some things to consider:
- they may be getting adjusted to their new environment;
- if planted and then it rained for almost a week, they could be responding to excess moisture (and cooler temps?);
-zinnias do sometimes suffer from powdery mildew (although there are resistant types) and leaf spots- learn more here

For now, I'd remove the affected leaves and see if they grow out of it. If you continue to see symptoms of distress please bring in a sample. You can learn more about submitting a sample to our plant diagnostic clinic here

Also, don't hesitate to call our garden line if you have additional questions. Good luck!