Lilac curling leaf

Asked May 19, 2019, 2:45 PM EDT

Is the typical leaf curling from wind drift due to 2-4-D also possible if too much nitrogen based fertilizer is used on lilacs? I'm worried that it might have "burned" the lilac. But my father has assured me that the spray he used did not contain 24-D although I am skeptical.

Park County Wyoming

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Lilac leaf curl can occur from pesticides such as 2-4D or from freezing temp when the buds start to open. 2-4D can be applied as a spray or grandular as in Weed N Feed . Applications of Weed N Feed that get to close to the lilacs will cause leaf curl. Nitrogen burn will look different than the damage seen in the photo. The number to my desk is 527-8566 and I am in on Tuesdays 9-5 and Wednesday afternoons if you want to discuss it further.