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Asked May 19, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT

New lawn put in last year needs to be reseeded. It is in Kalkaska County under a canopy of oaks. While and 2 in of improved soil was laid down initially last year the question is should I reseed with soil if yes what kind of soil should I mix the seed into?

Kalkaska County Michigan

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You can over seed the lawn without mixing in soil. The important thing is that the seed come in contact with the existing soil. Some find that core aerating the lawn first helps give this contact. A good raking just before seeding can help,too. You can spread he seed and then top dress the lawn by spreading 1/4 inch compost or top soil over the area.

Growing grass under trees that do not allow sun in once they have leafed-out is always going to be a challenge. Look for seed that contains fine fescue, or a mix that is for shady areas.

You can go through the steps to reseed your lawn, then follow the “best practices” that turf science research has shown to be successful.

Do you have at least 7-8 hours of sun on the area? Less than that means you will probably need to reseed every spring.

Conduct a soil test to determine how much fertilizer is needed each season-

Follow the steps to prepare and reseed the bare areas-

The article above recommends mowing short while seedlings are developing. Remember to return to mowing high, 3 to 4 inches, once the seedlings have been mowed a few times. Best practices research recommends leaving the grass no shorter than 3 inches tall. A long leaf blade means a deeper root system, better able to withstand heat, insects, and grows thicker shading out weeds. Follow the recommendations here based on the latest research.

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