identify climbing vine

Asked May 18, 2019, 6:30 PM EDT

Attached is a photo of the flowers of a vine that climbs our trees. The vine portion can be quite thick - 1 to 4" sometimes. Can you identify this plant and let us know if it is doing harm to the trees it's climbing? Will it choke out the tree(s)?

Livingston County Michigan

2 Responses

I’m sorry, your picture came out blurry on my computer. Could you try again, and spread out flat any leaf that has started to unfold? For a flower, take a picture from the side, and from the front so I can count how many petals it has.
From what I can see this could be wild grape.
Any vine that climbs and shades the tree will not be good for the tree. Thank you.

One other thing- please use gloves when handling, if you don’t know whether it is poison ivy.