Texas Mountain Laurel

Asked May 18, 2019, 5:36 PM EDT

My tree is seven years old, but the last few months, maybe 2 it has been turning yellow with green and yellow veined leaves. What can I do to save this tree. I live in N.W. Tucson and we did have a few 100 degree days in late April.


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Since your tree is well established and this tree is not commonly susceptible to diseases and pests, let’s focus on your watering and fertilizing practices.

These are recommendations for the Texas Mountain Laurel:

Water: once a week during the hot summer and early fall season if rain is scarce. Water slowly until the soil in the root zone, from the trunk to the drip line (the area under the outer branches) is damp 3 feet deep. The amount of water you need to penetrate the soil varies significantly depending on the type of soil in your garden. You can see how deep the water is going by slipping a metal rod into the wet soil near the root zone until it hits hard, dry earth.

Fertilizer: Spread general-purpose granule fertilizer (read the package directions) over the root zone in early spring. Sprinkle the fertilizer over the soil between the drip line and the base of the trunk. When applying fertilizer, spread it carefully over the soil, keeping it away from the trunk. Follow up with a deep, thorough watering to release the fertilizer into the soil.

Also, Texas Mountain Laurel does not tolerate compacted soil.

I hope that these suggestions help.

Happy gardening!

Thanks for your help. I have been watering it, but probably not long enough. I will do the deep water check you suggest.

Okay, please let us know if you need additional help!