Worms in a Compost Bin

Asked May 18, 2019, 3:58 PM EDT

Do I need to add worms to my 50 gal. barrel compost bin on my deck for faster/more efficient composting? If so, how many red wiggler worms do I need to purchase and where is the best price for these worms? I'm assuming that red wigglers are suitable for MN, but if not, what worms are MN approved?

Hennepin County Minnesota composting horticulture

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Proper outdoor composting is a process that produces a great deal of heat. In fact, a well-maintained compost heap can reach temperatures above 160 degrees. Any worms you add will escape to avoid these temperatures. After the heap has cooked and cooled, nightcrawlers often find their way in. But, no, don't add worms. Read here:

You may be confusing what you are doing with another form of composting, often done indoors in winter, which uses red wigglers to digest table scraps. Read here: