Removing Creeping Charlie over large backyard

Asked May 18, 2019, 11:54 AM EDT

I have a large downhill sloping backyard which is shady. It is overgrown with creeping charlie. Can I use flame throwing to kill the creeping charlie or do I have to use herbicides? I am trying to avoid chemicals but pulling it up manually is not feasible due to the large space. If I need to use herbicides - what is the least harmful to the other plants and soil? and can I plant immediately after using herbicides or do I need to wait a year? Please advise. Thank you!

Hennepin County Minnesota creeping charlie controlling creeping charlie

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“Selective, postemergence control of mint family plants (e.g., creeping Charlie, henbit, heal-all) is usually more effective with products containing triclopyr, either by itself or in combination with one or more of the materials mentioned in Strategy 4. In has also been reported that control of these same mint family plants is rather poor when only 2,4-D is used.” To read about strategy 4 and more see: Click on ground ivy/creeping charlie. The instructions on the chemical you decide to use will tell you how long to wait before planting. It is usually just a few days. Creeping charlie takes persistence and regular treatment to eliminate. It is rarely a one and done treatment. Fire will not kill the plants. The roots will survive. For an explaination of how the chemicals work see: