My Blue Spruce has needle cast

Asked May 18, 2019, 9:07 AM EDT

I have been using a Ortho Dial n Spray with Daconil, powder mix. I have used about 1.28 T in the Ortho Dial and Spray, set spray at 3. I started spraying last year in May, 4 applications. Spraying my 35+ foot Blue Spruce is quite the project. Despite a 12 ft ladder, I was unable to reach the top of the tree. How important is it to reach the top; the top of the tree is the healthiest. This year I have searched high and low for a sprayer that will spray 25-30 feet into the air; unless I want to spend upwards of $250.00, it doesn't seem possible. I have been able to find a sprayer which will spray 27 ft with 60 lbs of pressure but I don't know how much Daconil to put in the bottle...there is no dial to set on this sprayer. This sprayer comes with a bottle which holds 32 ounces. Can I spray to much of the Daconil on my tree? Will no much Daconil harm the tree? How much Daconil should I use in this sprayer? My plan is to apply 4 doses of Daconil spread 3 wks a part. Please share you advice; I do not want to hire this out nor spend $250.00 on a sprayer. Thank you, Penny 810-394-0896

Genesee County Michigan

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Hello Penny,

We do not recommend a homeowner try to cover a large tree for the reasons you indicated, and never using a ladder. Risk of injury is too great. If you can not hire a professional, spray the tree as best you can, safely, without a ladder; and follow all label directions and precautions.

Be particularly aware of wind speed, so you don’t get spray blown away and it stays on the tree where you need it.

Yes you can spray too much Daconil- always follow the label on any garden chemicals- by law it must direct you safely.

Remember to cover your skin, eyes, nose and mouth; washing clothing and goggles, mask, gloves, etc after you spray.

First you must determine that the chemical you are using can be sprayed using a device like this. This can depend on different characteristics of your concentrate which the manufacturer would know and should state on the container that it can be used in the device you plan on using for applying the material.

I would suggest that you Google “Otho dial-N-Spray” and it will take you to a Scotts/Ortho web site. There is a place on the web page where it will let you chat with a representative to ask questions about their products. They will be able to give you a better answer than what I can offer.

Four doses should not be necessary in spring/summer unless the rains remain constant across all 12-15 weeks.

I am including a couple needle cast references that discuss management.

Thank you for using our service.