Calla lily

Asked May 17, 2019, 8:26 PM EDT

I received a potted calla lily one week ago. I had it in the house by a window, but didn't get much light. White spots have appeared on the leaves, a few new shoots turned yellow! What have I done wrong?

Columbia County Pennsylvania

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Many varieties of Calla lilies have naturally occurring white spots called macula. Can you inspect closely to insure it is not a pest such as an aphid? Remove any leaves that have turned yellow and died off. High temps, high humidity and water logged soil all aid in the slow demise of an indoor Calla. If you can limit these inputs, you might have a chance. Offer it great drainage, good airflow, shade from summer afternoon sunlight. They do great in a well lit window or patio with great airflow. If you want to keep it for next year, make sure it is safeguarded against cold, below 40 degrees. and that it doesn't stay too wet over winter.