Hazel nut saplings pulled up.

Asked May 17, 2019, 3:20 PM EDT

Hello, We've succeeded at growing hazel nuts from seed, with some of the sapling now up to 6 inches in height; however we've run into issues. Currently, once the saplings are placed outside, we've had the issue of finding them being pulled out of their planting containers (night, or day). We've placed them back into the green house, and still have the issue. The dumb question, we can't figure out what varmint is that sneaky enough to do this pulling out (even while stored in the green house). Your thoughts, suggestions? Thank you, Jerry.

Thurston County Washington

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Thank you for your question, Jerry. Assuming you don't have some hostile neighbor or out-of-control teenager, we assume the problem is wildlife. If they have left no footprints, gnawing marks or scat, I'd suggest you invest in some motion-triggered surveillance cameras to take some pictures. Good luck!