Suggestions on what type of tree to plant

Asked May 17, 2019, 11:59 AM EDT

Earlier this year, I cut down a highly stressed, 25+ year old sugar?? or red?? maple tree from my front yard. I believe it was "strangled" due to root girdling. It was approximately 30 feet tall. The location is in my front yard. It is on the east side of my house and gets full, and direct sun. The soil is heavy clay. I have another identical maple tree that is of now not showing signs of stress. See the attached photo which shows the stump from the original tree in the foreground, and the remaining tree in the background. I would like to replace the original tree and am seeking your advice on what to plant. Should I replace it with another maple? If so, what kind? Should I plant another variety of tree? I'm open to that option. I would like something that can grow tall (40+ feet) and provide shade. Thank you for any suggestions you could offer.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The site shown in the photo appears to be suitable for many kind of shade trees.

A maple to match the one that's growing well is a possibility but many tree care experts believe maples have been over-planted in the Twin Cities area making the region vulnerable to significant tree canopy losses if serious maple specific pests or diseases emerge.

The following website highlights cultivars of several species released by the University of MInnesota.

Go here for a more extensive list: