New to Gardening

Asked May 17, 2019, 10:36 AM EDT

Hello! I am looking at getting into gardening and want to get a few plants to get started. I have a porch that faces north. Half the porch gets sun almost all day, the other half never gets sun except for the last hour or two of the day. I'd love to plant some native Michigan plants or pro-butterfly flowers. They'd be in pots or containers, depending on what advice I get here. Thanks, Brandon

Genesee County Michigan

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Hello Brandon,

There are many articles and references online to get you started. I have listed a few, below. Remember to search your local library catalog, with keywords ‘ container gardening’ and ‘ native plants’. The books will really be helpful.

If you get a list of specific plants you want to try, we can answer questions about them. Remember to use as large a pot as the mature plant will need- petunias may be happy in a 12 inch pot, but a tomato will want a 1/2 barrel size pot, unless it is a dwarf or patio variety.

You may want to investigate using a drip irrigation system on a timer to keep the pots watered.


I hope this helps get you started. Thank you for using our service.