Tomatoe Problems

Asked May 17, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT

Hello ,

I have some greenhouse production of tomatoes and i am noticing this phenomenon happening in tomatoes

Plant looks good and also fruit setting,

Any idea what happened ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi- we cannot determine the cause of the symptoms based on the shared photos or whether it's a disease or environmental/physiologic issue. There are a number of tomato fruit diseases that are fairly common in high tunnel and greenhouse production, such as white mold (timber rot), topsoviruses, and late blight. In most cases you would also see foliar symptoms.
Here are some relevant web pages:
If you are a commercial grower please contact the ag educator in your county/city University of Maryland Extension office:

Hi there,

Let me thank you for the quick response . This is a rare case

leafs are super ok.

i am sending more pictur

We suggest contacting your ag educator to work toward a diagnosis of the fruit issue. You can also sen fruit samples to the Plant Diagnostic Lab on the UM campus:
Submission Forms button is on the top tool bar.

Just wanted an idea if you have seen this phenomenon before,

We have not seen these symptoms before. We work entirely with home, community, and school garden clientele and don't have experience working with commercial high tunnel and greenhouse producers.

Thank you Jon